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The Causeway Express
City Tours provide this personalised guided tour from the City of Derry to the World Heritage site at the Giant's Causeway.
Why not enjoy the comfort of escorted travel along the stunning North Antrim Coast before returning to your accommodation in the City by early evening?

The Giant's Causeway is one of Ireland's most interesting natural phenomena. These magnificent and unique rock formations have stood, for millions of years, as a natural barrier against the fury, and ferocity of Atlantic storms.
A result of intense volcanic activity, which took place at a time when continents were separating, and oceans forming some 60 million years ago, just a blink of the eye in geological terms.
And, of course, there is a local folk legend to describe where this amazing formation really came from..............

At 52 and a half feet tall our local giant Finn McCool was big and getting bigger. Truly a gentle giant, Finn and his wife Oonagh loved to spend the clear summer days gazing across the Sea of Moyle to the heather clad hills of theWestern Isles. It was on such a day they first saw the shadows and heard the rumbling voice of of the mighty Benandonner! In a challenge bellowed across the waves Finn invited the Scottish giant to visit Ireland for the most typical of giant contests, a trial of strength!

County Antrim hospitality being what it is, Finn determined to keep his guest's feet dry by building a pathway to the Western Isles using the many hexagonal stones that lay strewn along the shoreline. Even for a big giant it was a long and laborious task. For weeks on end Finn worked from dawn 'till dusk, until at last the end of the Causeway was only a stride away from Benandonners hideaway, Fingals Cave on the island of Staffa. It was late in the day and Finn decided to get a good nights rest, completing his work the following morning.

Oonagh awoke at dawn, the floor of the cave was trembling in time to approaching footsteps. She looked out across the sea and the rising sun cast the massive shadow of Benandonner across the land. She looked at her exhausted husband lying sound asleep, and quickly realised the result of the trial of strength was a foregone conclusion. Oonagh had visions of being carted off to Scotland as spoils of war. Thinking on her feet, she woke Finn, bundled him into one of her nightgowns, covered his head with a bonnet and bade her bewildered husband to pretend that he was asleep.

Moments later the mighty head of Benandonner looked into the cave, "Right where is he hiding?", he roared. Oonagh shushed him, "Be quiet, or you'll awaken our baby", and pointed out the sleeping Finn. It was at this point that Benandonner decided he'd seen enough. If that was the baby, he wasn't hanging around to meet his dad!

He was last seen retreating back across the Causeway, tearing it up in his wake..............leaving our visitors to marvel at what remains of Finn McCool's legacy, his great pathway to the Western Isles.....The Giant's Causeway.